What is Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing is your most important tool

what-is-internet-marketingInternet marketing is quickly becoming the most important outlet to advertising your company and it’s products and services. People no longer turn to tv ads, magazines, newspapers or the radio for information on what to buy, and studies show that the consumer does not trust traditional marketing and advertising!

Also called “digital marketing”, it has replaced all businesses main method of communicating and reaching out to their customers.

Internet marketing is a whole new set of tools that get your message to the information hungry consumer and it requires much more than coming up with a catchy slogan and glossy ad these days. Those days are long gone and have been replaced with this new medium that encompasses websites, blogs, social networking sites, press releases, link building and article writing. Are you ready to enter the new world of marketing?

How has the internet impacted marketing research

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal “Sixty-two percent say they spend at least 30 minutes online every week to help them decide what and whether to buy. Among Americans under 45, that number shoots up to 73%. Seventy-three percent — that’s more than four times the percentage in that age group who go to church every week. For some, smart shopping is more than a hobby. It’s a religion.”