How do I SEO?

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How to SEO – in seven simple steps

  1. Industry and competitor analysis – in depth research of your business’ industry, your website as well your top competitors’ websites.
  2. Research the words and phrases that are used in Google searches by your customers and future customers.
  3. Write content for your site that grabs your visitors attention and keeps them coming back
  4. Build code and content into your site that helps the search engines to find you
  5. Link Building – use best practices methods to build a link reputation, link farming will most likely not give you quality links and hurt your ranking. We also do an in-depth analysis of your competitors link building strategies.
  6. Creating your online brand through social networking and media and blogging – A blog that is posted to regularly with good keywords and relevant content will bring traffic to your website, give you back links, and increase your search engine rankings. It is also an easy way to get out company news and announcements.
  7. Monitor the progress – using analytics reports and tracking the progress adjustments can be made and strategies refined