How to get basic SEO started for new business

Today, all the talk seems to be centered around social media.  Many new companies and even well established ones have left their SEO by the wayside. Fact is that online searches are what drive purchase decisions. A business creates demand for their products/services using social media, but will capture demand and steal market share via SEO and their website.

So what are starting points of your company’s SEO?

  1. Get a website up and running right away. Don’t wait. SEO takes time to “mature”.  So get a website launched BEFORE you are ready to take orders or open your shop’s doors. This way you have time for the search engines to index your site before you need customers.
  2. Start blogging on topics about your industry and problems that your potential customers need you to solve.  Why do you need to do this? Because you will be building your industry authority and credibility BEFORE you open your doors. People will be more likely to purchase from an “expert” than a newbie and Google loves the companies that are problem solvers too.
  3. Get your social media accounts setup and active as soon as possible. Make sure that all those new articles that you are writing are getting posted on these new accounts too.
  4. Work on creating content (pages and posts on your new website) early on.
  5. Start the outreach process early so that you can find highly targeted and strategic guest bloggers for your website, as well as opportunities for your team to get published on other industry sites relevant to your niche.

What to do if you don’t have time to do your own SEO

If you are not up to the task of managing your own SEO campaign and you are thinking of hiring an outside agency what should you expect?

A good SEO manager will guide the collaborative process of Web development, and help you manage the tradeoffs between what your potential customers want to see and what Google and the search engines need to see to give your website well placed organic search-engine ranking. It’s like creating the perfect fishing lure and being able to put it exactly where the big fish are biting, every single time.

Need help or have questions?

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