Multiple Websites – Don’t do it!

Over the years I have had new clients express frustration that their competitors have built multiple websites for the same business/company and they want me to do the same for them.  I always strongly urge them to reconsider.

Why?  Because unless you have two different businesses selling different services or products there is no need for more than one GREAT site.

Think of it this way … if you have two or three websites competing against each other (all belonging to you) and someone loves the content/page/post of one of those sites, and that person links to it, guess what happens? Only that website benefits from the link-back.  Giving that website a little rankings uptick. Now, if the same happens to one of the other sites, it gets a little boost its website “authority” as well, but those extra-points are diluted across your multiple sites.  Not good.

All three of your sites have tiny increases, but if we could concentrate all the good stuff into one, your one website becomes much more likely to rank higher than any one of those three sites would ever rank.

It is best to have one really well crafted website that is constantly being updated, linked back to and promoted.  How would you decide which website to focus on for social media and promote via viral campaigns etc…?

Sure, I would love to make money building multiple websites for each client, but it is not what is best for my client’s search rankings, their long-term goals or best use of my skills and time!

My methods are:

  • Make one website! Make it GREAT.
  • For each topic, make one category/section. Build on that.
  • For each keyword/keyphrase, make one page/post. Build great content for every page.
  • For each campaign build one page and promote that page.
  • Add new fresh content to the site on periodic basis no search engines know that the site is not “dusty”.

If you still want multiple sites, please answer these questions:

  1. Would the new sites have different audiences or customers?
  2. Would the new website have different search phrases and different focus?
  3. Would the new site have different business goals?

If you answer yes to just one these, I strongly urge you to only have one website. You and your SEO person can work on creating new sections of your site to address the different search phrases and categories.  Don’t dilute your website’s “authority” thereby diluting your search engine rankings.