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Website Review and Audit

We can do a complete website review and online audit to help you discover the elements that might need improvement. Is your website working for you and your business? Being on the first page of Google doesn't always mean that your website is able to convert online visitors to customers. This is where a full website review comes in.

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Questions a website review answers

  • Is the website designed to attract new visitors who don’t already know who we are? (strangers)
  • Does the website help to lead prospects to dig further into the website? (Visitors to Leads)
  • Can the website easily help to convert prospects to purchase a product or contact you to hire your services? (Leads to Customers)
  • Do the marketing efforts encourage revisits and repurchases? (Loyal Customers)
  • Is the website "sticky"? Meaning does the website encourage visitors to come back to read new articles, get advice and engage with your company? (Customer engagement)

How will a website review help your business?

  • Define your website’s Attraction Factor vs. your competitors.
  • Discover your customer conversion ratios.
  • Identify and analyze email and onsite workflow gaps.
  • Analyze your SEM. (SEO and PPC)
  • Determine if your Content is created and organized to Best Practices.
  • Measure Your UX (user experience) Factor. Is your website easy to use and is the design appealing to your visitors.
  • Examine your current website web analytics. This is where we research how people are searching for your services/products, what they type in Google, and what pages they look at the most and which pages they do not stay on for very long.

Aggressive and Constant Online Marketing

Gone are the days when all that a small Tahoe business owner had to do is put an ad in the Tahoe Tribune and Yellow Pages then hope for the best.

We know that targeting your pay per click marketing and seo efforts towards the people most likely to buy from you is the number one way to maximize your returns and we take full advantage of numerous high-level targeting metrics.

Our premier PPC management services will target your customers based on age, culture, location, time of day, day of the week, gender, interests, behaviors and more. We know how to laser in on your customers and make them really notice you.

Our small business PPC management services are the best way for small to medium sized businesses to immediately establish a substantial online presence in a cost effective way.


Melissa has basically helped me build my business from ground zero. Without her I would be on page 17 instead of page 1. I’d had my site built by someone else thinking saving a little money wouldn’t hurt me, oh how wrong I was. She completely revamped my site and has already increased my sales in the short time that she’s taken over the wheelhouse.T. Rougier