Google’s New Buy Button

Google is rolling out a new service that lets users buy retail items directly from the search results page on mobile devices, in an effort to make mobile search more useful and give advertisers a new way to attract customers. A new link reading “Buy on Google” will appear in the ads that show up […]

You’re Having a Social Media Crisis – What Now? Pt. 1

In the Chinese language, the characters that spell out the word “crisis”,wēijī,  are formed from the the sinographs that translate to something like “incipient moment” or “crucial point”. A wēijī is a perilous situation when one should be especially careful and wary. It is not usually a time when one goes looking for advantages and opportunities. In a crisis, our instincts tell […]

SEO – is it a sprint or a marathon?

Photo courtesy of Tudre(CC Attribution) SEO, so many people come to me asking if I can “do some SEO” and get them on the first page of Google and then seem confused when I explain it is a process and that the process is on-going.  I think it takes a mental shift to understand that […]

how to respond to bad reviews

What to do about bad reviews

So you got a negative Yelp or other online review about your business. What now? Do you ignore it? No! Bad reviews happen to the best businesses. Bad reviews happen even when we thought we were at the top of our game. Sometimes we have an off day and then sometimes reviewers aren’t exactly honest […]

How to get basic SEO started for new business

Today, all the talk seems to be centered around social media.  Many new companies and even well established ones have left their SEO by the wayside. Fact is that online searches are what drive purchase decisions. A business creates demand for their products/services using social media, but will capture demand and steal market share via SEO and their website. So what […]

Facebook Pages’ “Likes” May Drop Soon

Facebook is changing the way it’s counting/allocating “likes” for Facebook Pages.  They will be subtracting any account’s “Likes” that have been either manually deactivated or “memorialized” after the has owner passed. So, if you see your Facebook Page’s “Likes” drop suddenly, it is most likely not because of something you or staff did, it is because […]

frustrated with yelp sign

Yelp – love it, hate it, make it work for you

One of the great things about Yelp when they arrived on the online scene was the instant availability of the guest reviews and I loved that I could get the inside scoop (from locals) of restaurants when traveling. When my partner and I decided to get adventurous and tried living on the road in our […]