Multiple Websites – Don’t do it!

Over the years I have had new clients express frustration that their competitors have built multiple websites for the same business/company and they want me to do the same for them.  I always strongly urge them to reconsider. Why?  Because unless you have two different businesses selling different services or products there is no need […]

Google’s new algorithm is coming – keep optimizing stop worrying

There is a TON of talk, speculation and alot of worrying going on in the world of SEO.  Google has been testing and creating a new search algorithm that has plenty of seo people stressing, stressing, stressing.  I admit, I have been one of those people.  There has been some strange things going on lately […]

Google’s Keyword Blacklist

There are actually words that Google “blacklists”. Why does Google block these words? The reason is simple, they want to try omit offensive results showing up in your “instant” searches. Blacklisting is when Google omits your pages from appearing in their Google Instant search. This usually happens as a result of bad-practice SEO.  You can see a […]