SEO – is it a sprint or a marathon?

marathon #4

Photo courtesy of Tudre(CC Attribution)

SEO, so many people come to me asking if I can “do some SEO” and get them on the first page of Google and then seem confused when I explain it is a process and that the process is on-going.  I think it takes a mental shift to understand that what SEO people do is a lot like gardening (I use that analogy because it makes sense to me).  You can’t just plant some seeds, add a little water and then come back in 3-6 months to collect your bounty.  A successful and thriving garden takes consistent watering, pruning, fertilizer and care.  So does good SEO. 

The search engines expect your content to be continuously updated, your website to be conforming to current web standards (e.g. is your website up to date security wise, user friendly on mobile devices etc…),   your social media profiles to be active and engaging and your online visitors and prospective customers to be given value driven content.So if you’re going to do it, do it in the right way. 

The best campaign starts at the beginning. Think of SEO campaigns holistically — how does each part of the  SEO recipe serve your future customers?   Are you adding value to their online experience? Are you showing the online world that your business solves at least one of their problems?  After all, everyone who searches has a problem right? They need new shoes, need a repairman, would like to know who has the best pizza in town or where they can get a great craft beer. If you have good SEO in place  they can find your business and learn how you can be the one to solve their problems/needs. 

Good SEO  =  good business.  But… good SEO takes time and work.It’s a mistake thinking that you only need SEO once a year (or just once!) or for a limited period of time. Some clients have come to me thinking they  could just hire an agency for three months to “see how it will work for us”. Well, as we mentioned, SEO is like a marathon, so be ready for a long run. A very long one. This is a marathon that will last the lifespan of your business.  But, it’s worth it.  How many of your customers use the internet to find goods/services that they need? I expect almost all of them. So, lace-up and get ready for a slow steady run. SEO is not a sprint.