Facebook Pages’ “Likes” May Drop Soon

Facebook is changing the way it’s counting/allocating “likes” for Facebook Pages.  They will be subtracting any account’s “Likes” that have been either manually deactivated or “memorialized” after the has owner passed. So, if you see your Facebook Page’s “Likes” drop suddenly, it is most likely not because of something you or staff did, it is because […]

How to Auto-post all of Your WordPress Posts to Facebook

Did you know that you can auto-send all of your WordPress posts straight to Facebook? Well, you can. Imagine not having to cross post your blog articles or your new webpages on all of your social media accounts.  What if you could write the WordPress article or post and when you hit “publish” that content […]

Link your other social media accounts to a Facebook Page

Instructions to link Instagram to a Facebook Page 1. Open your Facebook Page where you want to add the Instagram Tab. 2. Search for Instatab (app) and click on it. 3. A warning saying “You are using Facebook as a page” comes. Click on Continue as your profile. 4. Click on “Install Application“. 5. Click […]