Online Marketing Specialists tasks

Need an online marketing specialists?

Basically, an “online marketing specialist” is a pretty broad and expansive term.  Web designers, SEO experts, Social Media Gurus and Viral campaign managers are fall under the umbrella of “online marketing specialists”.  Each of those disciplines are a specialized facet of online marketing. So, which one of those does your business need? If you are […]

SEO article you should read

The article below is a helpful (and quick) read that can you give a nice and easy primer on the art and science of SEO. Many of my clients and friends have asked me about different techniques they have picked up on the internet or by talking to their friends/co-workers… be careful and take your […]

SEO and Internet Marketing Training

In the last week I completed my “Master and Advanced Skills” training in SEO and internet marketing with the Bay Area Search Engine Academy.  I was very fortunate to have Thomas Petty (no, not that Tom Petty) as my instructor for four days of intensive and yes FUN schooling. As a result, I am stamped, […]