SEO – is it a sprint or a marathon?

Photo courtesy of Tudre(CC Attribution) SEO, so many people come to me asking if I can “do some SEO” and get them on the first page of Google and then seem confused when I explain it is a process and that the process is on-going.  I think it takes a mental shift to understand that […]

How to get basic SEO started for new business

Today, all the talk seems to be centered around social media.  Many new companies and even well established ones have left their SEO by the wayside. Fact is that online searches are what drive purchase decisions. A business creates demand for their products/services using social media, but will capture demand and steal market share via SEO and their website. So what […]

Online Marketing Specialists tasks

Need an online marketing specialists?

Basically, an “online marketing specialist” is a pretty broad and expansive term.  Web designers, SEO experts, Social Media Gurus and Viral campaign managers are fall under the umbrella of “online marketing specialists”.  Each of those disciplines are a specialized facet of online marketing. So, which one of those does your business need? If you are […]

SEO is NOT Dead – Long Live SEO

I am asked pretty frequently, by new clients “But, isn’t SEO dead?”  “Wait, what? NO!” As long as there are search engines and electricity to power them, SEO will be alive and necessary to your marketing.  If you have a business and you want that business to be viable and relevant in today’s world, you […]

What is a link farm?

A link farm is a Web page that is nothing more than a page of links to other sites. Link farms can be advertised as services that deliver you “high quality link building” services.  But buyer beware! Have you ever seen a website with a bunch of website links and nothing else? Usually there is […]

How Long Does SEO Take

I was going to write a blog post on this topic however, this article (Joshua Steimle from came out and I honestly do not feel I could have said it better. One of the highlights of the article does a great job of breaking down a basic timeline that I wholeheartedly agree with. Here […]

Multiple Websites – Don’t do it!

Over the years I have had new clients express frustration that their competitors have built multiple websites for the same business/company and they want me to do the same for them.  I always strongly urge them to reconsider. Why?  Because unless you have two different businesses selling different services or products there is no need […]

SEO article you should read

The article below is a helpful (and quick) read that can you give a nice and easy primer on the art and science of SEO. Many of my clients and friends have asked me about different techniques they have picked up on the internet or by talking to their friends/co-workers… be careful and take your […]

Why you NEED to be blogging and “tweeting”

I have decided that I need to be helping my clients navigate through the murky waters of their internet marketing with the occasional bit of homework and “assigned reading”. Why???  Because many clients want more control of their online image but do not know how to start, and many of them (could be you!) do […]

How to seo for the small business owner

With the economy proving to be a much more difficult environment for the business owner to navigate and keep afloat, a good marketing campaign is more important than ever. However, the old style of advertising is costly and is being replaced by a new generation of media that is more powerful and provides a way […]