Link your other social media accounts to a Facebook Page

Instructions to link Instagram to a Facebook Page 1. Open your Facebook Page where you want to add the Instagram Tab. 2. Search for Instatab (app) and click on it. 3. A warning saying “You are using Facebook as a page” comes. Click on Continue as your profile. 4. Click on “Install Application“. 5. Click […]

What is Twitter, why and how to use it

I read this good article on the benefits and uses of Twitter and how it relates to business owners and marketing departments. The author lists 17 ways to utilize Twitter for your business and branding. If you are in the dark about what Twitter is, why you should use it and how to maximize your […]

Why you NEED to be blogging and “tweeting”

I have decided that I need to be helping my clients navigate through the murky waters of their internet marketing with the occasional bit of homework and “assigned reading”. Why???  Because many clients want more control of their online image but do not know how to start, and many of them (could be you!) do […]