South Lake Tahoe Web Design Pricing

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** More Info about Monthly packages

You will not be subject or surprised with upfront costs or set up fees nor will you be paying for redesigns.  Once you have selected your Monthly Package, we will work with you through the creative process: design, layout, content and we will deliver a professional looking website that will fit your needs and your business needs. The initial setup costs are spread-out over a 18 month period of the package with no unexpected increase to worry about. Your monthly payment will remain the same throughout the 18 month plan. When the 18 months of payments are complete, you own your website free and clear!

What is included in my monthly fee?

A high quality, professionally custom designed website that we will maintain and update to the latest framework and plugins versions. Part of your monthly fee goes towards services like website content creation, upgrades, support, etc. The other part is paying for the upfront costs of designing your new website.


*All Monthly Packages have a 18 month term. You may renew for another 18 month and get a fresh new design for your website every 18 month or keep the one you have.
*Plans may be canceled anytime before the end of the term at a buyout cost. If you change your mind and wish to cancel without buyout then we will simply close the website down at no extra fee.
*All accounts on Monthly Plans must be set up as recurring payments through Paypal or on PreAuthorized payments through your bank.
*The Monthly Packages use WordPress, a well known content management system.
*The base html/css design of the website is provided by a design application that is regularly updated with new releases.

Still need to purchase your domain name?

We can help you set-up domain name, web hosting account plans and services. We are a reliable source for all your web design set-up needs. Our partner sells Domain Names, Hosting packages, SSL Certificates, Email Plans and more. Just about everything you need to get your online business up and running in no time.

Need help deciding what products are best for you?

No problem! Contact us at (530)539-4418 or use our contact form and we will walk you through the process of purchasing your domain name and hosting account step-by-step!

We are an affordable South Lake Tahoe web design company

If you are interested in getting a new website designed, then contact us (530) 539-4418 for South Lake Tahoe web design pricing. We can design websites for clients nationwide, even though we are based in South Lake Tahoe.

Who owns the website you pay for?

YOU DO! If for some reason you’re not thrilled with our outstanding customer service, you can take your website and leave *, hosting it somewhere else with no threats and no license violation concerns. However, we do not offer refunds. All sales are final.

*If you choose a monthly website package (which is basically financing your website) then at the time the last payment is made your website is yours free and clear.

Additional Services

– Identity Design (Logo, Business Cards, Stationary) $800
– Door Hanger, Tri-fold Brochure Design or Direct Mail Postcard Design $250
– Referral Pad Design $150
– Newspaper/Magazine Ad Design $150
– Email Design, set-up and deployment through Mailchimp $500
– Google AdWords – Pay Per Click Advertising campaign set-up $200
– Social Media Counter Displays – $150
– Monthly SEO Google Analytics Reporting $100
– Social Media Profiles Set-up (Includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Google+) $200
– Custom iPad, html5 and Android App creation – Pricing can vary