Responsive Web Design


Websites need to look great on any device

Responsive Website Design is built in way that the website knows what screen size and device your customers are using and adjusts the pages, images, format to be properly viewed on your device. The website’s viewers could be using a wide screen PC, iPhone, Android tablet, or any smartphone and a responsive website will automatically fit the device’s screen size so that browsing is easy and frustration free.

No website should have to be “unsquished” or expanded so viewers can read about your products or services!

If your viewers can read your website’s text clearly and easily and click on your links and buttons without struggling, you have a much better chance of engaging them and turning them into a customer.

Why do you need a Responsive Website?

Mobile Device-Friendly – Mobile devices usage rates are increasing and have become many people’s (your future customers) only means of accessing the internet. Businesses that do not cater to mobile users are losing business to their competitors who are mobile optimized. With responsive web design, you have the assurance that customers can easily access your web pages with any device they’re using.


Improved Usability

Responsive websites adjust to a user’s device, which means that the website is easy and friendly to use. Have you ever visited a website on an iPhone and became frustrated because you had to “un-squish” or expand the website just so you could click on something only to click on the wrong link because the buttons or text are too small? Responsive sites take of this for your users.