Search Engine Marketing

ppc-adsWhat is SEM – Pay Per Click Campaigns

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. Management services are absolutely crucial in handling a paid search, or pay per click campaign. Pay Per Click management includes keyword research, bid management and tracking. After the implementation of a paid search program, management only continues until the budget is exhausted.

I generally do not suggest using PPC campaigns except when a client is in an industry where it may be appropriate. An example would be if you sell a product that is popular during the holiday season and you have an online store.  In that case I might suggest running a short campaign leading up to and during that time.

The best way to utilize Pay Per Click (PPC) is knowing what keywords and phrases are critical to your industry and company and targeting key markets during key time periods (holidays, seasons). Letting the campaigns “run” without management can lead to your budget not being used effectively. More about the discussion on SEM vs SEO.

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