Web Analytics

google-analytics-reportsTrack web stats with Google Analytics

How is your website performing and is it giving your business the results you need?

Analytics can identify how visitors found your site (keyword search, referral sites), how long they stayed on your site (did they “bounce” in less than a minute?), what pages they visited the longest, and did they complete your “call to action” (did they sign-up, purchase, call, email)

Analytics is all about understanding your visitors and their browsing behaviour. When we start collecting this invaluable information we get a more concise picture of what your site’s strengths and weakenesses are.

We work with Google’s web analytics to track your site’s data and adjust the site’s structure, content accordingly. The data gathered here can provide valuable insights into the following:

  • Who is visiting your site
  • How they got to your site
  • What were they searching for
  • When they visited your site
  • How long they visited your site

Once this data has been analysed it is invaluable in assisting you to achieve your business goals.

Visitor value from organic and paid traffic can be compared with Twitter, Facebook and other social sites can be calculated, to find the most beneficial to your business, so you can focus your efforts. Identifying the site trends will help you to decide where is best to invest in.
Unusual & Unexpected Results

The intelligence provided by analytics can highlight some surprising results. A couple of small tweaks to a website could have a tremendous effect upon leads and sales.

Analysis used to build strategies

The analysis is nothing without the action and once amendments have been made to the site we can continue to monitor and review to continue to evolve your website.

Our analytics services are ongoing and help to define and refine your website and marketing stratgies. We understand web search and what it can do for your business.

If you would like to know what is really happening on your website then why not contact Internet Marketing Help to discuss the best analytics service for your site.